£114m spend on the toilet this Black Friday?


If it’s not you, it’s someone you know.

Like it or loathe it, many people browse their smartphones on the toilet, snatching the odd break from office life to browse the latest deals online.


And Black Friday is no exception.

The BBC are reporting estimates that shoppers will spend a whopping £7 billion today.

And data from last year indicated that 39% of Black Friday sales were conducted on a smartphone.


That’s a staggering £2.73 billion spent using smartphones!


Research from the Interplanetary Toilet Confederation (just kidding, it’s from Infogram) reveals the average amount of time spent in the toilet each day is half an hour.


Slightly generous calculations from the Chelsea Apps Boffin Squad, who estimates that workers will get distracted by great deals and stay in the toilet longer than usual, conclude that Britons spend 4.16% of Black Friday on the toilet.


What’s 4.16% of £2.73 billion? It’s £114 million.


Can I get my Fields Medal now, please?


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