Timing Is Everything

Just recently I saw a really good Ted Talk about the secret of success. It argued that people often believe it’s the idea, but research shows that the number one factor is in fact…(drum roll)…timing. That moment when the stars align and the idea, the market and the tech can all deliver the promise.


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Mike Anderson
Who Cares About Tomorrow?

Who cares about tomorrow? Of course, the answer is – we all do. But what about the organisation you work for? Does it have the ideas and foresight to continue its success and secure your working future?

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Kenneth White
Apps We Love At CAF

At CAF we work closely with clients to shape their requirements in the mobile app space. We draw on our teams’ extensive experience of the app market and best practice examples often help us in our shaping discussions...

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Rebecca Willis
Who cares about the skills shortage?

The UK is facing serious technical skills shortages. According to the British Chamber of Commerce’s paper published in February 2017, three in four businesses now have a digital skills shortage amongst their employees.

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Ester Wells
Why are we here?

I have the pleasure of having worked in technology for at least three hundred years.Some pretty exciting technologies with which to play have appeared on the horizon during my odyssey.

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Damian Stafford
Death Of The Website

Everyone is talking about Chatbots at the moment. Big budget promotion means that the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home are starting to go mainstream.  Some people are even saying that conversational interfaces powered by bots will replace all apps and websites.

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Gerard Frith
Cloud Connected Apps

The architecture of software applications has evolved radically in the last 15 years. From purchasing expensive hardware for every application that a business runs, costing tens of thousands of pounds, to running virtual machines on a hypervisor, like VMWare.

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Ajay Patel