Could a happiness app be the key to employee engagement?

The value of employee engagement has grown significantly in the past few years as a growing number of business leaders continue to find new ways to bolster workplace productivity. The developers at the Chelsea App Factory have created a new “happiness app” that can stand in place of corporate room-temperature surveys.

Beneath the face representing the emotion of the user, there are two little boxes: What have we done well this week? and What could we have done better? Participation is not mandatory and it is not necessary to answer any, or all of, the questions.

“It’s very simple and we kept it that way purposely as we wanted something that was quick and intuitive to engage with,” Nick Yockney, head of human resources for the app company, told the news outlet. “It’s a good way for people to say what they’re not happy with, which is why it’s anonymous, as we wanted an easy way for people to voice their opinions.”

The app uses a happy face, a sad face and one to 10 scales that can help businesses get answers to some of the most pressing questions regarding employee engagement and satisfaction. Sitting before a boss or even a colleague, a worker might not be so willing to answer the question – “What is the company’s biggest weakness?” However, the app can provide a safe veil and help an enterprise gain feedback and move forward. Managers review the data each month and founder and chief executive Mike Anderson provides feedback at the firm’s regular three-monthly town hall meetings, where he talks about what actions are to be taken.

The aim is to assess the app’s performance this autumn and then make a decision about whether or not to commercialise it and sell it on to other organisations. This means that a happiness app could soon be winging its way to a phone near you.