Chelsea Apps Factory celebrates its 5th Birthday!

Chelsea Apps Factory just celebrated its 5th Birthday with all employees last Friday! It was great assessing how far we had come as a company, and how much we have helped mobilise businesses over the years.

Part of the celebration included a corporate treasure hunt around Covent Garden! It was fantastic to go in and out of the beautiful streets of London in this amazing weather and take on fun and exciting challenges! It was clear to everyone when the CAF team were about as the tasks and challenges were pretty demanding! We pulled silly faces, did some dances, and even got some huge crowds to take pictures with us! There are definitely many memories which will live on for a long time.

This was all topped off with a well deserved drink at our local on a sunny Friday afternoon! It was a thoroughly enjoyable event organised by the Chelsea Apps Factory team and the perfect opportunity reflect, and review our growth to date.