Five-year study reveals how mobilisation is changing fortunes within UK Plc.

Report shows that enterprise apps deliver value five times the cost of development and pay back in under ten weeks

London. July 7th 2015. Chelsea Apps Factory today launched a new study that shows the value mobility is delivering to UK PLC.

The “Five Years in Mobile” report – which includes case studies from Ladbrokes, Practical Law, Kantar, and Waitrose – marks the five-year anniversary of Chelsea Apps Factory. Results from over 60 companies and half-a-decade of work have been evaluated. They show that, on average, mobile enterprise apps:

  • * deliver five times more value than the development and roll-out costs
  • * typically pay back in under ten weeks

The report also shows the emerging shift at the top of businesses, with mobile now moving from a purchasing infrastructure decision to a profit-generating strategy.

Mike Anderson, CEO & Founder of Chelsea Apps Factory, said: “It’s clear that if businesses put value at the heart of their mobilisation strategy, they will start to see enormous benefits on their bottom line, in a quick, innovative and safe way. Mobile is not a Capex drain, it is a profit opportunity that CEO’s and CTO’s must drive.”

Nick McQuire, Vice President, Enterprise Research at CCS Insight, said: “The change that businesses are going through right now is unprecedented. Across all sectors, from manufacturing to construction, companies are running headlong into a new era of mobility.

“With the democratization of technology, employees are now often adopting and adapting quicker than their employers. Quite simply, the old world of command and control has shifted. We are now moving into the era of the empowered employee – an era that will see an acceleration of innovation and disruption.”

Nick added: “Mobile is now mission critical, and the potential to transform a business is now at the fingertips of every CEO.

The Five Years in Mobile report also looks at how mobile has been adopted in business over the last half-a-decade, the value it brings business, the issues in unlocking its true potential and the top priorities businesses need to consider to deliver a truly value-centric mobilisation strategy.

It reveals four key areas where businesses drive the most value including:

* Individual User Benefits: employees can become more productive, reducing admin and displaced time.
* Process and Quality: apps bring reduced cycle time, reduced errors, better compliance, greater visibility and higher quality outcomes.
* Financial Measures: benefits have included increased sales, reduced costs and reduced working capital.
* Strategic Advantage: businesses can create a competitive advantage by using apps to transform their service experience and marketing share, customer experience and brand perceptions, staff morale and motivation, organisational connectedness and agility, reduced business risk and option value.

Mike Anderson added: “Mobile is the fastest adopted technology of all time, but it’s going to get a whole lot faster over the next five years. Businesses need to be prepared to adopt, adapt and be agile if they’re going to continue their success.”

Chelsea Apps Factory – which currently employs over 80 people across its London and Edinburgh offices – has an ambition to double in size over the next 18 months, and recently announced that it was considering a flotation on AIM.