New Tools Transform Change Management in a Digital World

Chelsea Apps Factory and business change consultancy Crossing Jordan® have developed a new suite of innovative digital tools to transform how organisations manage change – helping them create the conditions to achieve better and more sustainable results.

The suite called Change Dimensions® consists of three apps – Understand Your Change, You as a Change Leader, and the Integrated Change App® – and was devised as an initiative between Chelsea Apps Factory and Crossing Jordan®. They were based on proprietary IP, tools and methods developed and refined by Crossing Jordan® over more than 10 years of consulting with large organisations in sectors including telecoms, financial services and energy.

Transforming this tested professional methodology into a suite of apps will have major benefits for those leading and planning business change projects, as well as the staff charged with implementing the changes. Because the information is available on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers, it is accessible everywhere in the same form, enabling projects to be organised effectively across multiple sites or different countries. The structure of the apps also enables change leaders to adapt their use to suit particular circumstances, both in seeking to understand more about managing change, and during a live project by focusing only on the relevant elements of the process.

Explains James Leach, Sales Director, Chelsea Apps Factory: “We’re very proud of our collaboration with Crossing Jordan® to develop these pioneering apps. They came to us with an extremely innovative proposition and a strong belief that mobile technology could transform the way change management is done. Our successful collaboration has turned their pioneering ideas into a fully tested digital product that is both extremely scalable and has the clear potential to disrupt its market.”

Crossing Jordan® MD and founder Anna Davis said:

“The aim of these apps is to put a practical, structured approach to change at your fingertips. Anyone involved in change management can use them whenever and wherever they need to. That’s the power of mobile technology.

“In the past, companies might have had a structured process for managing change but what has been missing is a framework with high quality, practical questions to help structure change thinking, capture your thoughts and share them with others. Also the overwhelming majority of change management resources are paper-based and inflexible.

“But with the arrival of this new suite of digital tools accessible across all devices – HR and change management teams at last have a practical framework for planning and implementing change.”