Let’s Talk About…Acting Like A Startup

This week at Chelsea Apps Factory we’ve been discussing the attributes of a startup that big businesses emulate when embarking on Innovation Programmes and embedding a culture of Innovation across their business. And the team here is in heated debate about what makes a startup… a startup.

Startups are battling against low budgets, time pressure, and an urgency to prove themselves that established businesses don’t face. So how can the enterprise learn from ‘the hungry entrepreneur’? We think it’s about less about drive and ambition and more about speed and agility - and that’s something any business needs. 

Top 5 attributes of a successful startup

1. Belief / Passion / Ambition

2. Urgency

3. Hard Work / Relentlessness

4. Ability to stretch a small budget / spend wisely

5. Ability to Fail Fast / And Start Again or Change Course 

 At CAF, we have all of these in abundance - what are the startup attributes you’ve embedded in your business?

 We'd love to hear your thoughts and will be sharing new articles on the topic soon.