User Experience - Your #1 competitive advantage in the Mobile Era

Providing market-leading User Experience is the name of the game in the Mobile era. Companies that do are winning the race for user acquisition, engagement, growth and retention.

Great User Experience is what drives users to keep coming back to your app - if you delight them with unbeatable convenience they will reward you with loyalty and engagement. 

Furthermore, the pairing of successful user engagement and app analytics triggers a virtuous cycle of improvement: insights into user behaviour can be used to further personalise and fine-tune the User Experience that you deliver.

But providing market-leading User Experience is no small feat. 

Agile Innovation – Raising The Bar

Innovative businesses that embrace agile methods keep on raising the standard, and mobile consumers get used to these improvements very quickly. Many companies find themselves playing catch-up – especially when their app development cycles are less flexible and are measured in years, instead of months or weeks.

Large incumbents are at risk if they do not up their game. 

There is plenty of evidence that B-grade User Experience won’t get you far in the Mobile era. According to data from Localytics, 25% of apps are only used once. Data from Quettra (acquired by SimilarWeb in Dec 2015) revealed that the average app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first 3 days after installment, and 90% within the first 30 days.

Mobile consumers have an ever-lower tolerance for friction, waiting times and other inefficiencies and will ditch your app and switch elsewhere if they are disappointed or disengaged.

This won’t change any time soon, and here’s why:

● Google, Apple and Facebook set the User Experience benchmark within their native apps (think Google Now, Facebook Messenger, Siri, Google Maps) - once mobile users have a taste for convenient User Experience there is no going back

● Subscription services are also on the hook to deliver great User Experience - the ability to discontinue a subscription with only one-month notice has become the norm 

● Downloading apps on the go is ever-easier due to the rising market penetration of 4G and the growing coverage of Public WiFi hotspots; besides, 5G is just around the corner! (EC experts say it could land in Europe as early as 2020)

So what does this all mean? 

Well, for us it means that it has never been more important to involve highly skilled User-Centric Design expertise from the outset of any app development project. 

Putting the needs and expectations of the user, and delighting them, at the very heart of any digital agenda has become our standard. We’re proud to have the very best talent in User Experience and product design and we’re careful to ensure that we lead the way and support our capabilities in this area. 

This post is the first in a series dedicated to User-Centric Design. In upcoming posts, our User Experience and Design experts will share their tips, principles, priorities and success measures. If you’re in any way involved in putting digital products in front of people, stay close by and see what they have to say!