Why End-to-end Service Delivery is Essential to Success

Truly transformative businesses know that innovation must be ongoing. To succeed in our digitalised world, businesses must always remain two steps ahead. Only those who can evolve, and fast, will be able to keep up with technical developments and ever more challenging consumer demands.

But digital transformation is an incremental process that cannot happen overnight. Nor can it be ‘completed’ as part of a 2-year piece of strategy. It is a multi-step process, and adaptations must be made along the way – so it’s important to work with a trusted digital partner to support you along that journey.

Digital transformation is a process with no end. So here at Chelsea Apps Factory, we work in partnership with our clients; helping them to reach their potential through flexible end-to-end services that go beyond finite delivery.

Working with our clients to Think, Shape, Build, Embed and Optimise their digital offerings, we help them to innovate – continuously.



The start of any digital transformation journey requires you to think; to re-examine the digital strategy and the market forces that effect it.

Chelsea Apps Factory has worked with several large, global organisations with complex requirements. Many of our clients are traditional, analogue businesses that need help re-imagining their offering for a digitalized tomorrow.

First we work with them to understand their own business drivers as well as their internal requirements. We can then design a bespoke strategy that will deliver the most value.  

Crucially, we help long established firms, whose practices are well-entrenched, to re-define their thinking and ways of working. We arm old corporations with a new mindset so they can tackle tomorrow with agility and speed.

Because innovation is about more than just having new ideas. It’s about having the right methods and mindset in place to develop the best ones effectively. Test them, trial them, validate or drop them – if you’re not thinking and acting in the right way; your great ideas will never have impact. 



Once you’ve landed on a strong concept – what happens next? You need real customer feedback, user behavioural analysis and a deep understanding of the business challenges, to ensure that your idea will be as effective as possible in our digital world.

The next step is to turn digital strategy into tangible propositions, services and products. Any digital transformation project is individual. It looks different in every organisation and must be shaped accordingly.

Through test driven design and development, CAF trials prototypes and runs sprints to validate ideas based on real user feedback, so we can shape an end product that is optimised for the business and its customers. Customer-centricity is what CAF is all about.



Employing agile principles, our technical experts go on to develop validated prototypes into robust and scalable products and solutions that solve complex businesses challenges. 

This includes integrating products into existing IT infrastructure and ensuring that they function alongside current processes. 

Our talented UX and design team work closely with development teams to ensure the final product delivers a seamless user experience that is intuitive and “on brand.” 

By employing and developing best practices, we ensure that our design and code meets the high standards required. Our experienced development teams have experts in native development for iOS and Android, as well as those who specialise in using platforms like Xamarin. 

CAF also has strategic partnerships with businesses like Progress Software and Teska Labs. This enables us to leverage deep enterprise expertise around areas like Cyber Security.



Of course building a product is just the start. It’s then crucial to ensure that this new way of thinking and working is embraced across the business. 

Digital transformation is just as much about organisational and cultural change, as it is about innovation. Through their partnership with CAF, long established organisations re-imagine their own processes and propositions –and we support them on that path.

Through training, Knowledge Transfer and business change management, Chelsea Apps Factory ensures that our approach is embedded into the business. This way innovation becomes part of the everyday.   



Optimisation is key to delivering innovation that works. Through a process of testing, learning and iterating, Chelsea Apps Factory continues to work in partnership with all our clients to mold new products to ever-evolving consumer needs.

We continuously put new ideas to the test and deliver both minimum viable and market viable products to make sure we always keep our clients two steps ahead of the competition. 

Digital transformation is business transformation.

Chelsea Apps Factory provides end-to-end service delivery for many large, long-established businesses, arming them with the agility, scalability and speed required to embrace and initiate change. 

Real innovation requires businesses to Think different, to Shape strategy, and to Build, Embed and Optimise products and services, continuously

By employing the latest technology and a new way of thinking and working, the businesses we work with accelerate their growth in this ever-evolving mobile-first world.