An Update from Mike on CAF's New Exec Team and Advisory Board

Today I'm sharing a update on CAF’s growing talent in the Executive team and Advisory board...

We have been busy in this opening quarter of our new financial year winning new business and hiring great talent across the group. Our increasingly impressive leadership team continues to attract a wide spectrum of digital talent, with people who have worked at Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte Digital, BBC, Microsoft, Google, HP and SapientNitro.

The group’s advisory board has welcomed new members Jim Marsh, ex COO of KPMG in the UK, Martin Hess, ex VP Enterprise Sales at HP, and Niels Kruger, ex Head of Innovation at Google for Work. I’m also pleased to announce that our new CFO Robert Rinaldo will join us from 13th June.

Also on our Board as a Non-Exec Director is Mike Altendorf, founder of Cochango.  Mike has been with me through thick and thin and is an invaluable member of the team.  The pleasing thing is all our advisors are proactive and have shown commitment by investing in CAF.

The operating companies are now lead by Paul Shang, a former founding partner of Fluxx, who leads CAF Services; Jo Wickremasinghe, ex Which?, BBC and Microsoft, who heads up A&G; and Josh Hart, a CAF partner who now becomes MD of CAF LABs.  More on this in the coming months.

It has also been gratifying to support the progression of our people within the business, and all the experience being added to our next phase of growth. We now have the most experienced team in Europe, if not the world, steering our clients’ successes in a digital and mobile world.
I am very excited about the team’s potential.   Everyone is focused on ensuring that CAF Holdings continues to lead the way.