Five benefits of the Five Day Challenge

The Five Day Challenge has been developed by Chelsea Apps Factory to help companies get from idea to prototype and real customer feedback, in record time.  Speed and collaboration are what the Five Day Challenge is all about. It’s about putting a project into fast-forward so businesses can see what the end result might look like and how customers might react. 

Plus it’s about doing all this collaboratively – we work with our client teams intensively, getting all the right people together in one room, to achieve great results.

Why a 5 Day Challenge?

Since we set up in 2010, CAF has helped numerous businesses to embrace a new way of thinking and working to solve complex challenges.  We’ve held immersive, collaborative strategy sessions, workshops and Discovery phases to get teams focused and working together most effectively. Now we’ve formalised these processes. 

Designed to get to real results quickly, The Five Day Challenge is about addressing individual client needs in a way that works best for them. So teamwork is critical.  Of course, we can’t expect our clients to stop doing their day jobs for too long; five days is just long enough to really get stuck in and answer business critical problems in a time-boxed period. 

Others agree that five days is a good timeframe within which to ‘get stuff done’. Google Ventures runs its own 5 Day Sprint: a five-day process designed to solve problems through prototyping and testing ideas with real customers. 
You can do a lot in a Five Day challenge, which typically follows this trajectory – Define, Explore, Act, Build, Test. 

What are the top five benefits of the five-day challenge?

Benefit #1 Getting Started

Getting started on large projects can be tough. Getting your team together for the Five Day Challenge, clearing calendars and preparing testing really gets things moving – and it’s easy! Recently, CAF worked with a client to develop an entirely new digital proposition using the Five Day Challenge process to kick start the project. 

The client was relying on analogue operations for most of its consumer touch points. They wanted to offer a brand new digital channel to provide an enhanced customer experience and to scale the business. Transformation like this must start somewhere. 

Benefit #2 Getting Focused

Every Challenge starts with a whole day devoted to defining the problem you are hoping to solve. Only once everyone agrees on the problem can the team then turn their attention to resolving it. 

In our latest Five Day Challenge, we mapped out the customer journey and drilled down to identify specific needs in the target consumer group.  We were then in a position to draw up various possible solutions and deliver a final sketch outlining a potential testable prototype.

The Five Day Challenge is about getting specific so you can solve unique challenges, fast. Every transformation project is individual; you need to get focused to go further.

Benefit #3 Use real data to prove ideas at low risk

Theories are all well and good, but to make progress you need to put concepts into practice and test them with real users. Only then will you know if your ideas have legs. The Five Day Challenge allows you to do this at low risk. If ideas fail, they fail fast – limited time or money has been lost. Ideas that prove themselves are validated and can be built into a product that has a much higher chance of success.   

On the final day of the Challenge, the testing room is linked by audio and video to the workshop stakeholders so that the team can witness, first-hand, the reactions of the interviewees to the prototype developed the day before. Not only will you get your answer; you’ll hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Benefit #4: Confidence

The Five Day Challenge builds confidence that you’re on the right track. It means you can truly separate the bits that matter from the bits that don’t and then press on to get the right result. 

Tough calls can be hard to make. But with the Five Day Challenge there is no time to prevaricate and no way to avoid transparency.  Customer testing at the end of the challenge will help you reach consensus. A clear outcome is certain. The five day process delivers valuable insights and provides a strong platform from which difficult questions can be resolved and proven solutions can be built. 

Benefit #5 Embrace a fresh approach

Last but not least it’s innovation. Not just in the products and solutions that you develop; but in the way you think and work. The Five Day Challenge enables you to try out new ideas quickly and at low risk, empowering you to get creative and be productive. 

Getting CAF and the client working together as one team creates an environment for greatest efficiency. We play to each other’s strengths. It’s an ideal way to kick start ambitious projects that succeed, and learn from each other in the process.