Chelsea Apps Factory @ NHS Navigation Hack

A group of intrepid Chelsea Apps Factory employees attended the NHS Navigation Hack at Google Campus in Shoreditch over the first weekend of March. The aim of the Hackathon was to help migrants and refugees understand how the UK healthcare system works and improve access. The cause resonated with many within the company – providing us with the impetus to use our experience and expertise in mobile apps rapid-prototyping. We were also excited by the prospect of testing our mettle!

The team had to choose a challenge from eight categories. We focussed on the Health Visitors’ challenge, nurses that visit the homes of new mothers to ensure the healthy rearing of their baby and knocking down the barriers to access. With the help of Shobi – our dedicated health care professional who provided invaluable insight into the challenge we began working on the unique use-case scenarios.

Participating health care professionals were absolutely amazed by the speed and creativity of our team. We were also keen to watch and learn how other talented minds operated in the haphazard environment of a hackathon.

After two days of sketching, coding, and prototyping, we had the prototype ready and called it Visits. The goal of Visits was to help new migrant mothers feel safe, informed and empowered so that they can raise a healthy child during its first crucial weeks of development, thereby enabling NHS health visitors to perform their job efficiently and effectively. We did this by creating a personalised interactive timeline which serves key information relative to new born milestones and upcoming health visits. Mothers can view and scroll through a timeline on their phone to see the dates and significance of upcoming visits from health inspectors. Mother can select items from the timeline to learn about the details of the visit. You can view the prototype here:

We pitched Visits to all the attendees and a judging panel of officials from the NHS.  We managed to place in the top three and left with a new found appreciation for each other and the tireless endeavours of NHS workers!