What We Did This Summer Break

I took my summer break back in July this year. One of the reasons is that, unlike the majority, I love London during August.

I took my summer break back in July this year. One of the reasons is that, unlike the majority, I love London during August.

Far from being a hot and overcrowded city, it’s a joy to do business here in the summer months. This year it’s been surprisingly easy to get around the City (despite the dire warnings of PT disruption), and I’ve been amazed at the urgency to get projects moving, ready for a September kick-off. When I swipe back through my calendar of the past few weeks what strikes me is the sheer variety of businesses with digital challenges that engage with Chelsea Apps. It’s all made for a very busy month…

August started well with us taking briefs from a Big 4 consultancy. Referrals are every company’s favourite type of sales lead, so we were delighted when the same consultancy introduced us to an investment business who needed help with their customer journeys.

Still, in the financial services arena, the very next day we were developing an insurance company Proof of Concept (POC) and ideas on how to manage claims through a mobile app. The same week a new business showed our development team their software to help rapidly surface data and visualisations from the cloud.

To keep things fresh we then started designing a Proof of Concept (POC) for one of the UK’s largest veterinary chains. This is an interesting market which has consolidated since deregulation, with rising medical expenditure and insurance involvement that has meant healthy growth throughout the sector.

The following week I took a trip up to visit one of the largest motor manufacturers in the UK. So much good news for UK car manufacturers, with 2016 the biggest year of production for 17 years. There’s been plenty of investment in recent years to lay the foundations for keeping this industry alive and kicking and to make the UK a competitive place to manufacture. We’ve got excellent credentials in this sector, so it was a nice opportunity to present some of our proof points to demonstrate how we’ve helped others with similar opportunities.

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen many clients resurface in another company – so last week was no exception, but still a delightful surprise. A previous contact who had moved jobs, but loved what we did for his previous company, got back in touch. We’re currently talking about how we can help differentiate his current hotel chain’s service offerings.

Just when we thought August couldn’t get any busier, two high street retailers, who have worked with us in the past, reconnected looking for help with new products.

Like buses, two start-ups then appeared in the same week… from nowhere. Both have excellent new ideas, and both are well funded and itching to get started.

Week three of August and we were back to working within financial services, having discussions with one of the country’s major pension providers. They need help developing their digital services roadmap and new product. We’ve worked with them for a while so good to see further projects coming our way.

The final week of August and we were seriously wondering if anyone had actually gone away on holiday this year… as we end the month with some early-stage conversations in healthcare about patient care; meet a newly formed investment company who ask us to come back again the next day to continue our conversation and start the shaping process; create a proposal for a leading media brand and start work building a customer-facing app for an executive travel company.

Come on, September. It’s all to play for…

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