Design thinking from JAM 2018

Chelsea Apps joined an incredible 600 attendees at Jam 2018 — a large-scale meet up organised for generally curious makers to hear “no-bullshit stories” from seasoned product managers and designers who have encountered their fair share of digital madness; all in the name of learning and developing industry best practices.

We were pleased to have had the chance to share our own examples of leading innovation and putting our client’s customers first with the event attendees during the day too.

The day’s line-up was packed full of product heavyweights from across the globe, ranging from a witty yet wary product manager at John Lewis, who spoke about breaking silos within the century-old organisation, to the nuances of localisation with Femke; a product designer at Uber.

Just a few of the highlights of the day included:

Hearing from Thomas May, a product manager at the online styling service for men; Thread. He spoke about the age-old deliberation between making iterations quickly or properly. His answer? Make sure your whole team knows what the difference is first, and if you can, try to find a compromise. Charlotte, a product manager for Wikipedia, shared the process of bringing the Wikipedia Android app to the next generation of users in India and Africa. She explained how user personas weren’t necessarily the most effective method of understanding their target audience as, in truth, they weren’t too dissimilar from their European users.

…and finally; learning from a former VP of Product at Netflix, Gibson Biddle, who gave an invigorating and interactive speech that turned the audience into the decision makers. He gave a series of real-life scenarios that the Netflix founders were faced with and put it to the vote to see how we (the audience) would respond.

Experiencing so many talented and passionate product people gathered all under one roof was a resounding testament to how important the development of human-centred products are to the industry.

There was certainly no shortage of ambition and creativity in the room on Thursday, but most noticeably the collaborative spirit of product people combined was palpable — even during the after-party! For further information about Jam 2018, visit

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