Winning through Speed and a change in mindset

Chelsea Apps Factory worked with a major gaming brand to revitalise and accelerate its approach to product development. This is the story of how we honed our approach to ensure our client came out on top of their industry.


For the past two years, Chelsea Apps Factory has been working with a large gaming brand confronted by growing challenges in a mature and highly-competitive market. Our partnership with them demonstrates the potential of a sustained mobile strategy to transform not only business offerings but also the way companies operate.


Our client was facing changes in consumer behaviour because of the transition to online and more recently to mobile devices, and initially needed a way to show industry commentators and the investment community that it was able to adapt and develop new offerings fast. The dedicated lab that Chelsea Apps Factory set up quickly resulted in a series of new mobile features that proved popular with customers. Surveys carried out during 2014 showed that the company was rated “best in class” by its users – moving from fifth place in mobile apps to first and outperforming the organisation’s most optimistic scenario for customer satisfaction by about 30 points.


Building on these “quick wins”, the partnership progressed in year two to a project to combine and strengthen the firm’s retail and digital propositions. The process helped steer the client towards becoming a genuinely multi-channel organisation with a clear idea of its customers’ needs – able to engage with them whatever their preferred channel.


The ability to build and test mobile products and propositions within just a few weeks proved a great advantage for a client seeking to change the market’s perceptions rapidly. But more valuable in the long term was the realisation that it was capable of executing projects in days rather than the months – or even years – that is the norm in many large businesses. The experience gained in the lab is now helping to shape the client’s broader business strategy and its thinking about organisational structures, says Paul Shang, MD of Chelsea Apps Factory.


“Innovation isn’t about whizz-bang product features,” he says. “The innovation here lies in changing the mindset and giving the client the belief that they can redesign their business and move quickly to address the needs of a mobile world.”