August 30, 2019

Chelsea Apps & 3 SIDED CUBE

Chelsea Apps has gone through an important transformation as the Tech for Good agency 3 Sided Cube took over it earlier this year. What does the future of Chelsea Apps look like?

Chelsea Apps was bought by Tech for Good agency 3 Sided Cube, an agency that uses technology to have a positive impact on the world, working on projects such as:


Chelsea Apps Factory has been an extremely successful mobile & web development agency, building apps for the likes of KPMG, LadbrokesTFL and Waitrose. At their peak, they employed 70 staff, with a turnover of £7 million.


But the change in the agency landscape over the last 2 years and some bad decisions left the business and more importantly the staff devastated. From talking to the original staff, there are quite a few lessons to be learnt on how not to work with your team and specifically, how they should be treated if a company runs out of money. We’ll post more on this later.


What was clear from the Chelsea Apps Factory brand was the talent and hard work of the team. We had admired them for a long time, so when we got the chance to acquire CAF, we jumped on the chance.


If you are on our page you may have noticed a few changes, firstly the name, we’ve dropped the Factory, as we’re not a production line, pumping out whatever we can for profit.


The positioning, it’s no longer about ‘mobilising business’, we’re about properly challenging you and your ideas, to create products that users love. We work with both large enterprises and small start-ups, using our experience to help them create digital products that they will actually value. 


Our plan is to rebuild Chelsea App into the powerhouse it once was, with building great products that users actually want, at the heart of it.


We have a plan over the next 5 years to expand our reach into different geographic clusters, to enable us to work on more projects that are doing good in the world. Part of that plan involves a bigger spend on marketing as well as acquiring a number of bold agencies that open up those regions. Chelsea Apps is our first foray into this.

Duncan Cook - Founder, 3 SIDED CUBE, MD Chelsea Apps