April 26, 2018


At Chelsea Apps we are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience in apps, but sometimes it’s the things that you can’t experience directly that make the difference between good and great.


Just as you can’t build an inspiring structure like The Shard without deep foundations, you can’t always just assume that a mobile device provides the right foundations for an enterprise mobile app. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has been part of those foundations for large organisations and those with strong compliance requirements.


EMM grew out of the original Mobile Device Management (MDM) sector to encompass a wide range of capabilities needed to administer fleets of devices:


  • Security policy enforcement
  • Networking profiles
  • Separating personal and work information spaces
  • Mobile app management, including deployment and whitelisting
  • Identity management

Achieving these functions requires configuration changes requires a small agent installed on the device as well as a central management console and dashboard. The capabilities of the on-device agent are determined by the operating system providers, Apple and Google, with little scope for differentiation between vendors. Instead, competition has been focussed on the management console, surrounding services and price. In other words, the EMM market is commoditised because of the limitations imposed by iOS and Android.


Many of the EMM contracts put in place when companies first rolled out corporate mobility are now up for renewal. While new contracts can save significant amounts of money annually, the cost of switching vendors can be substantial. Clearly, no vendor wants to make it easy to jump to a rival. This has led to a traditional high-cost migration path including:


  • Manual reinstall of device agents
  • Support for self-service reinstallation
  • Conversion and redeployment of policies
  • Retraining of operations
  • Rewrapping of mobile apps

The cost, time and potential disruption has meant that some companies have opted to stay with an existing supplier even if the cost is higher and the service somewhat lacking. This situation should no longer arise, however, due to the arrival of automated migration.


Chelsea Apps have teamed up with German technology vendor EBF to offer the first tool specifically designed to reduce the pain of migrating from one EMM vendor to another. This is particularly good news for those running legacy systems such as Good for whom inaction is not an option.


EBF Onboarder can move large numbers of users from a broad range of platforms, including market leaders AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360 to AirWatch, the leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM, and from the challenger quadrant, Microsoft InTune. This latter solution is a popular choice due to richer capabilities combined with its deep integration with Office 365.


We have already migrated over 15,000 users using EBF. Drop in for a cup of tea and a chat about how we get make sure your enterprise mobility foundations are solid, ready for the next generation of smart apps, delivering intelligent experiences that augment the workforce, boosting productivity.


Migrating your EMM solution is a good opportunity to take a close look at your existing portfolio of mobile apps. Will they work with your new platform is an obvious question, and one which we can help answer. However, this is a good opportunity to review, audit if you will, the apps that are out there. Are they still fit for purpose? Do people still use them? Are there quality issues that need to be addressed? Are they maybe just a little tired and shabby and could do with a refresh?


Migration is an ideal opportunity to assess where you are on your mobility journey. Chelsea Apps can help out here, assessing the current state and recommending a forward path that ups your enterprise mobility. We can also assess how AI can help enhance your apps to smart apps to give you a competitive advantage. We’ve already got the kettle on, so do come past and hear how our proven approach can help you deliver the next generation of enterprise mobility, from rock-solid foundations to the peaks of intelligence.