October 6, 2018


In the US, a variety of federal and state agencies oversees the energy sector – both onshore and offshore. Complying with these regulations, and staying on top of any changes, is essential to any HSSEA policy.


The potential for using mobile apps to help in this field led to our partnership with Wood. As a ‘market leader in the provision of facilities management, operations and maintenance services to offshore oil & gas producers’, they came to Chelsea Apps for assistance with document compliance.


These days we expect to use our mobiles for everything, so the goal for Wood and CA was to develop an app that could bring all relevant HSSEA documentation into one easily-accessible place, for both Android and iOS.


In addition, since people in remote or offshore locations are often without easy internet access, it became clear that the app would require offline capabilities.


We built an app containing all relevant Wood HSSEA documents. The home screen sorts the documents in a smart and useful manner, into six key areas, meaning that anyone can easily access PDFs containing the relevant information for any situation. When viewing a particular document, you will be notified if there is a new policy in this area, giving you the option to download an updated version.


We built the app to be entirely scalable and able to withstand large increases in user numbers, so that anyone – whether clients, contractors, their families or other business partners – can know what is required to be safe.


It is still possible to view all the relevant documents offline, which means a lack of internet connection is no barrier to HSSEA compliance.


The nature of the app also helps with the flexibility of working with outside parties, since everyone can bring their own device (BYOD), download the app and have all the documents they need at their fingertips – rather than carrying round a folder 


This project showcased the strengths of CA. We completed the project in keeping with the client’s requirements in a very short space of time – just over a month to conceptualise, design and realise their application. This required our small team working in a productive, agile manner in conjunction with a large organisation.

We collaborated very closely with a team of 3 at Wood – and we used every remote-work tool at our disposal to facilitate successful work across multiple time-zones. If the team at Wood had any suggestions we were quick to respond, and we were conscious of delivering the project on time.

To help with this fast delivery, we used Xamarin to make the app, allowing us to develop for both app stores simultaneously. Effective use of this platform was integral to the swift realisation of Wood’s key goals.

Digital Director and project lead Martin Boyle shares the secret of this successful digital partnership:

“Our collaboration with Wood on their HSSEA app was successful because it resolved a real issue for our client. Chelsea Apps quickly put together a team that understood the challenge and the technology and worked with business experts at Wood to produce a simple and effective solution.”

In an industry where quick access to the right documents can be critical, we have produced a great product that will makelife easier and safer.

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