A mobile loyalty app with a mission to stand out in a saturated market by going against the norm.

The standout features ended up being a combination of Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.


Itsu challenged us to build a loyalty app that was genuinely unique and gave users an experience that truly felt ‘the itsu way’. We wanted to build something that was more than just a reward scheme. By integrating AR and machine learning, we could deliver an app that assists users with their dietary requirements. By helping them buy products in a fast and simple way, this becomes so much more than just a loyalty app.

A wireframe showing some screens of our Itsu app design


To build such an app, we needed to utilise technologies such as AR and machine learning to ensure that we were delivering a unique product. Building other useful features into a rewards app meant that consumers would be more inclined to use the app, but also stay using the app as it provides a better overall experience. By utilising AR, we built a 'shelf scanner', which allows for users to see in real time food options that suit their dietary requirements. Integrating machine learning enabled us to better understand customer buying habits and suggest other frequently bought products to create a slicker, all in one ordering experience.


"Chelsea apps were highly knowledgeable, nimble and collaborative."

Hilary Ma - Senior Group Digital Manager, Itsu



When looking at digital strategy, an app like this brings loads of value to the user and allows for a simple and genuinely useful way to interact with the Itsu brand. This gives consumers a reason to install, use the app and become repeat users, strengthening the brand's value and market share.

'Shelf Scanner'

Intuitive use of AR Technology

Machine Learning

Better Understanding Customers needs

Digital Strategy

Optimised and forward thinking