The supplement and vitamin market is fragmented. Customers polarise at either the high street end of the market where products are purchased with no little or no advice, or the premium end where products are recommended as a result of a nutritionist consultation.

With no middle ground VITL wanted to build an app that would democratise nutrition and bring tailored advice and products to all their customers.




We built a mobile app that uses a chatbot to recommend a set of tailored dietary supplements.

The conversational interface provided an alternative to a conversation with a human nutritionist and it worked because a consultation is basically a conversation, with lots of branching possibilities. Most people don’t have access to a real nutritionist because of the expense so using a bot allowed the client to scale nutritional advice, cheaply and effectively, whilst offering a differentiated customer service experience. 




The app was released to the App Store where it has been very well received and now has a 4.9 star rating.

The app allowed our client to extend their business using chatbots, gaining a greater portion of the nutrition market, loyal customers and higher revenues as a result.



"This project was one of the first to involve AI as part of a consumer facing mobile app. A ground-breaking piece of work in many respects."

- Gerard Frith - CSO, Chelsea Apps Factory