Waitrose launched a mobilisation programme to empower employees and offer a better in-branch experience to its customers.



Through an agile development process, CAF embedded a team of specialists to identify and develop a range of opportunities into a pipeline of apps for delivery. One of these apps was an employee app for wine specialists in store at Waitrose. Scanning a bottle of wine provided tasting notes, food pairings and video material to share with the customers via iPad.

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The apps produced by CAF saved store managers 45 min daily, six days per week. It’s estimated that as a result, £4m worth of management time has been diverted from admin tasks. In addition, there is better and pragmatic access to vital core data.


worth of management time has been diverted from admin tasks. 


Saved Daily by the App.


“Our goal was to use apps to improve efficiency in-branch and improve the customer experience. CAF’s iterative way of working really helped us verify our proposition step by step to ensure we were on the right track”

- Charles Webb (Head of Strategy, Architecture and Delivery)