The Leadership Team

The leadership team running CAF is strong. Some of our number have grown through the ranks, others recruited for their hard-won enterprise experience, a few have run successful start ups (and disposed of them) and finally there are those who simply liked working with us so much as our clients, they joined the company.

  Adam Scott   Experience Director

Adam Scott

Experience Director

  Gill Frood   Head of Marketing

Gill Frood

Head of Marketing

  Robert Rinaldo   CFO

Robert Rinaldo


  Peter Myers   CIO

Peter Myers


  Harry Seymour   Digital Director

Harry Seymour

Digital Director

  Richard   Marshall   General Manager, Scotland

Richard Marshall

General Manager, Scotland

  Kenneth White   Business Strategist

Kenneth White

Business Strategist

  Edel McGrath   COO

Edel McGrath


  Paul Knight   Engagement Lead

Paul Knight

Engagement Lead

  Toby Barrow   Business Strategist

Toby Barrow

Business Strategist

  Mike Anderson   CEO & Founder

Mike Anderson

CEO & Founder

  Susan Edwards    HR Director

Susan Edwards

HR Director