Chelsea apps have built some great projects

over the years and have a strong reputation built over

the years by the team.


Whats changed

The Name

First things first we met up with Justin Timberlake, where he said just call it Chelsea Apps. We think he does this thing for a living! So no more Chelsea Apps Factory, just Chelsea Apps.


The Brand


The Chelsea Apps brand has developed over the years, but for me, it never really had a clear identity. So we to give it a more confident, no-nonsense brand to match the new approach

The Approach


The new approach is very much no-nonsense, great advice where we put your customers and what is built first, it’s not about getting as many projects into the ‘factory’ as possible, it’s about building great projects that people love. This means we challenge everything, tell clients no and actually put the users at the heart of decision making. We don’t pay lip service to this, this is what we do.

Why we bought Chelsea Apps


We have ambitious plans to grow the tech for good agency 3 SIDED CUBE and part of that strategy is to double down on marketing and open offices in multiple locations to increase reach. As 3 SIDED CUBE have such a specific niche it can mean a large element of our marketing gets wasted and therefore the cost of marketing can be expensive. Buying Chelsea Apps allows us to utilise all those amazing projects that are either innovative or are trying to disrupt an industry that don’t meet the “Tech for good” requirements of 3 SIDED CUBE. It also allows us to build a new agency built for today’s world.


Having built an agency from scratch with the help of a great team, it feels wrong to buy Chelsea Apps & ignore the past, so we want to pay homage to the great people that made Chelsea Apps what it was.

Duncan Cook, MD, Chelsea Apps


Here's to the OG's

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