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Before you engage with us you’ll want to know how we tick,
how we would work together
and more importantly our ability to deliver.


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The first thing we do once you talk to us about a brief or a project is understanding what your goals are, what problem you are trying to solve, and who your target audience is. We also get an understanding of your budget so we can tailor our approach.


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Chemistry is an important step. Luckily we are a ridiculously funny team! But maybe more importantly, this is about understanding each other, how we'll work together, what we've done and how we can deliver something special.

We can do this in person or over a video call, whichever suits best.


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Before you take the jump you will want an idea of costs and potentially scope.

Depending on the project, this will either be a detailed proposal or ball parks for areas of the project that are currently unknown.

What I love about these guys, is their approach, it’s not one size fits all. They have a suite of tools and techniques they deploy, depending on the problem you are trying to solve.

Caroline James, Product Lead, Vodafone

so we're friends, let's build something great

1 solution discovery

Solution discovery is different depending on the project and what you want to achieve. But it's all about getting off to an accelerated start, getting clear understanding and defining goals.


Workshops are generally 1-3 days and are designed to align a team, get clear on the problem, understand the goals of the project, ideate and decide on a clear path.

design sprints

Design sprints are generally between 3-5 days and achieve the same as the workshops, but go two steps further. Firstly by building a Lo Fidelity Prototype and secondly by getting that prototype in the hand of your target audience to gain the first stage of user feedback.