Chelsea Apps Factory helps businesses to reach their potential in today’s competitive world - through flexible and complementary end-to-end smart services.

We know it takes broad and deep skills to succeed; so we work in partnership with our clients supporting them across 5 pillars Think, Shape, Build, Embed and Optimise.

By partnering with full or hybrid teams we help drive innovation and agility into your organisation. Working with both traditional businesses looking to augment the workforce with AI and drive efficiency, to customer facing solutions aiming to disrupt or avoid disruption in a market.


Our Services


1. Think

We start with the strategy to help you start­up, grow, or transform. By preparing you digitally we get you to a good place to disrupt or respond in dynamic market conditions. Our team of strategists create real business change, with the back up of Design & Technical teams to make sure things happen quickly. 

Outputs: Proposition validation, POCs, portfolio roadmaps, business cases and ROI. 


2. Shape

We understand that to truly compete you need to shape the proposition, service and product.We help shape world-­leading propositions, services and products that really hit the mark. Our team is connected and has a deep understanding of the technology landscape and market forces. We transform strategy into propositions that work. 

Outputs: Experience design, user stories, prototypes, product design and testing.


3. Build

Technology, especially Mobile Technology, is our heritage.  We have talented, on-shore experts that deliver right across digital: quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards - supported by our Lean and Agile methodology. We create cross and multi platform propositions that integrate into your business environment, we ensure all the component parts work in harmony to deliver optimised customer-centric services, and we build best-in-class products to help your business succeed. 

Outputs: integrated technical architecture, continually shippable software, continous development cycles, prioritised roadmaps.


4. Embed

Our Embed teams make sure that your organisation is supported, and has the tools and talent required for your new digital solutions to succeed. Digital thinking, design, propositions, services and products need to sit at the heart of your business. We ensure that these new solutions are integrated, adopted and adored by your business; becoming part of your every day.

Outputs: monitoring, reporting and governance, enhancement recommendations, training, knowledge transfer, help with business change.


5. Optimise

We deliver continually optimised propositions, services and products, recognising the fact that MVP is only ever the start of the journey. Digital projects with a start and an end will never satisfy the needs of an ever changing market. Our clients understand this and need a partner who continually optimises. 

Outputs: Continual data, Rapid testing of concepts, proven hypotheses, prioritised roadmaps, updated proposition strategy. 



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Executive Seminar: The AI Imperative

Unsure about the AI opportunity for your business?

Take a deep dive into what drives the use of AI in enterprise, covering the art of the possible and the fundamental business imperatives, with this one day seminar, run specifically for your business  

Ideal for offsites and strategic planning sessions, we tailor content for you and your team - so you're totally up to speed.

Contact us for further details.




The Smart App 5 day Challenge Workshop

A proven approach for business and technical staff, assessing the opportunity for AI within your business. Our experienced team work with you to identify use cases, assess the business benefit, map out the interactions, create value propositions, and prioritise based on business value.

At the end of five days you'll have a demonstrator smart app in your hands. Contact us to learn more.




Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5


Foundations of Mobile - EMM services

Migrating between Enterprise Mobility Management platforms can a time consuming and painful process. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We use EMM Migrator and Onboarding tools to execute migrations projects, taking your business to a new platform speedily and efficiently. Laying firm foundations for your mobile strategy.

An intuitive user interface intelligently integrates end users into the process, relieving your IT department of the task. The combination of automation, standardisation and self-service minimises downtimes during the migration process and cuts costs significantly.


Find out more about CAF's platform migration services.