October 14, 2018

Econsultancy Live?

Chelsea Apps sponsored the inaugural Econsultancy LIVE event, which took place at the stunning St Luke’s church, Old Street.


xThe event provided a forum for senior marketing and digital professionals to get together, debate and discuss major strategic issues on a range of topics including best practice, ROI, technology and future trends.

As always part of the attraction of such an event is to connect with peers and potential new partners, share war stories and explore new ideas to take back to the marketing front line.

The format of the event was based around topic-focused roundtables, which were prebooked by the attendees. Fifteen tables of discussion took place at the same time, with three separate, hour-long roundtable sessions throughout the day.

Throughout the day, Chelsea Apps Adam Scott hosted the ‘Mobile Best Practice’ table. A very well attended session which provided lively debate and insight from a mix of well established brands and new market entrants.

The areas that were shared by participants as areas of concern or need for improvement included; how to get richer engagement from mobile, personalisation, how to onboard without painful registration, integrating channels (web, mobile, retail, customer services) – or people simply wanted to understand how mobile services help their brand.


Main observations from the Mobile Best Practice round table were that, across the board, brands understanding of mobile is unevenly distributed. Some are still managing a website and thinking of what happens on mobile. At the opposite end of the scale, brands are experimenting with new products and services that are more than just mobile, their new propositions that are integrated into digital and physical, mobile and web configured and they understand the data they need to improve.

This can be summarised by the adoption of ‘product’ thinking. Product (or service) thinking helps brands understand how to deliver consumer and business value in an efficient, iterative manner. It allows them to optimise their channels to deliver increased value or simply help customers do what they need to do.This fragmentation between marketing and product and the business leads to ineffective services for customers….it’s all about thinking about the end to end experience, how and where customers engage and the technology facilitates this.

Main room sessions provided engaging respite – covering the concept of digital buzzwords – hot or not? and a further keynote tackled the role of diversity in the workplace via a ‘fireside chat’ with Euan Blair.


Thanks to Econsultancy LIVE for a great day.