Enterprise AI is happening. True - there’s been a lot of mainstream hype around AI but it’s already clear that there are real business benefits of including AI as part of your digital workplace.

Whether that’s to enhance employee engagement, cyber-security, drive productivity, dispel the mundane, reduce friction in human interactions - all in a quest to deliver an exemplary customer and/or employee experience.

If you’re at the beginning of your AI discovery phase we can help with a range of services designed to accelerate your understanding of the potential for your organisation.


AI 101: AI for the Business User

An introduction for business users to the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how to apply them to bring business value. We’ll cover history, what the jargon means, current state of the art, current easy wins, cultural enablers for AI innovations, and tech landscape. This one-day session will create momentum and educate your team prior to the start of a project.


AI landscape workshop

A two-day workshop for business and technical staff to help assess the opportunity for AI within the business.

Identify use cases, calculate the business benefit, map out the workflow/journey, along with interactions with people and possible impacts. Create value propositions, and set your priorities based on business value.

  • Assess the opportunity
  • Build a lightweight business case
  • Design your proposition

Facilitated hack

A 2-day workshop for business and technical staff. An opportunity to turn workshop concepts into real prototypes. We can cover a range of use cases from chatbots, to visual recognition, Alexa skills, and machine learning (ML) on data sets that you provide.

  • See what can be achieved at lightning speed.

AI discovery workshop

A five-day workshop for business and technical staff. Design how your digital product will incorporate the latest AI technology to supercharge its impact: better UX, better analytics, better security, new functionality.

  • Walk away with a user-tested prototype of the product and estimate for build.

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