From App to Smart App

Mobile apps have become a feature of our daily lives, helping us be more efficient in our work and enabling continuous engagement with friends and colleagues. But how do you incorporate new technologies, like AI, to make them smart?

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Richard Marshall
The 7 Pillars of Project Resourcing

Working in a digital consultancy delivering client projects poses its own particular resource challenge. Clients often approach us because of our flexibility, agility and ability to quickly spin up a project, deploy resources to it and deliver it rapidly.

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Rebecca Willis
Helpful Banking

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word banking?  Might not be broadcastable.   Do you think of the word 'helpful' when you think of banking?

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Martin Boyle
Timing Is Everything

Just recently I saw a really good Ted Talk about the secret of success. It argued that people often believe it’s the idea, but research shows that the number one factor is in fact…(drum roll)…timing. That moment when the stars align and the idea, the market and the tech can all deliver the promise.


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Mike Anderson
Who Cares About Tomorrow?

Who cares about tomorrow? Of course, the answer is – we all do. But what about the organisation you work for? Does it have the ideas and foresight to continue its success and secure your working future?

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Kenneth White