glh was facing intense competition for margins throughout the hotel booking journey from intermediaries such as The company needed to increase customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value whilst removing costly hand offs that added no value to the customer and homogenised the hotel’s offering. Mobile digital traffic was growing very rapidly but conversion of this traffic on glh’s PC-orientated website was very poor.



CAF worked with glh on concepts and propositions that could help them differentiate the services they provided guests when booking and in turn disrupt the disrupters. The team worked up basic designs for a new mobile app and guerilla tested it with the public. As a result, the ‘Choose your own Room’ app was delivered and we worked alongside glh on roll out planning, marketing and training of staff.



The ‘Choose Your Own Room’ product won the ‘Best Innovative Product’ at the Techies 2016. The concept is unique in the hotel industry with guests able to access 360 degree views of rooms, the view from windows, and the location of the room on the floor plan before they book. 


“We were proud to deliver the Choose Your Own Room app for glh and delighted that it went on to win the ‘Best Innovative Product’ at the Techies 2016.”

- Mike Anderson, CEO and Founder CAF.