Speeding up the process of commercial leasing,

with a powerful web app that digitizes property contracts.


Least set out to create a better experience for commercial property leases, for both tenants and landlords. Creating an app that allows for clearer contracts and a better way to communicate would allow for the process to be dramatically faster, with more control over deal specifics. Least came to Chelsea Apps to put this into actuality. They required a clean and clear web app that could easily be accessed and look great from both desktop and mobile, with an experience that simplifies the usually time-consuming process of commercial leasing.

least web app


To build Least, Chelsea Apps had to ensure that the UX was clean and minimal to ensure a fast and quality experience. This meant the features we implemented had to be user-friendly and intuitive to interact with. To save time, areas such as digital contracts with re-usable elements and simple clause switching were implemented to allow deals to be actioned upon quickly and give landlords flexibility over their contracts. The Least app is the first leasing platform of its kind, with the first clause by clause contract process. This allows for both parties to easily negotiate deals line by line, without having to go back and forth through countless emails and phone calls. Features such as smart rent calculations and the ‘deal readiness tool’ allow for greater deal efficiency whilst staying in complete control of the contract. By digitizing the whole process and having one portal for all of your properties and deals, the Least app gives a new level of control and clarity to landlords and tenants, speeding up the process and leading to more satisfied tenants and more deals closed.


The finished app is clean, minimal, and highly functional, staying true to its vision and delivering a solution that saves time and adds convenience. By saving time, Least is helping building owners to save money and digitize all of their deals through one app. Tenants also greatly benefit; from a slick onboarding to a quick and convenient negotiation process, these are features that deliver a standout customer experience and increase the transparency and trust between tenants and landlords.


We loved their broad range of skill sets; a combination of Project Management and challenging our thinking

Nick Kirby - Founder, Least


First Clause by Clause Platform

The first leasing app of its kind

Fully Digitised Process

Leasing contracts made simpler