Confessions Of A CTO – My Top 5 Favourite Apps


It’s the fastest way to get to know someone. More revealing than a basket of food at the supermarket. More insightful than a LinkedIn biog. More honest than a Tinder profile.


What is it that reveals most about you and your lifestyle?

Your choice of mobile apps – of course!

What can’t you live without? What are you addicted to? What do you reach for in those moments of boredom? In fact I’d wager that we could build a full psychological profile, simply by looking at the homepages of your mobile.

With that in mind – what apps does a CTO find amusing/useful/essential to life itself?

I’m the new CTO at Chelsea Apps so here – by way of introduction – are my top 5 favourites.



One of my passions is scuba diving, especially deep wreck diving, and this is a great app for allowing me to calculate custom decompression tables. I love the interface and not because it tells me critical safety answers, but because it allows me to ask “what if questions” easily.



Predictable, but I love the app when combined with the excellent Prime service, especially the delivery. I am always needing little bits of tech – and needing them now (usually tomorrow) – with predictable and reliable delivery. Without the delivery aspect, I would use the app less, but together it is perfect for me to ‘just buy’.



One of my other passions is photography, and this is one of the first ever photo apps I found. In my opinion, it’s still the best for frames and styling a digital photo like an old style print: instant Polaroids or the old vintage 50’s square embossed prints.



I would be just lost without it, excuse the pun. So much of my life is spent travelling with work or family, working just about anywhere in the world and showing me interesting cafes, points of interest and how to get there, especially using public transport in unknown locations, is a god-send.



I am a big podcast fan and user, when travelling, or trying to sleep; podcasts are my life-saver. This is the best podcast manager app I have found so far. It has superb control for easy refresh, download and playing.

Favourite podcasts include BBC World Football phone-in, Community Podcast, BBC In Our Time, History of Mathematics, Ted Talk Radio, TWIT.